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2021.06.27 22:11


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죄송하지만  한국어를 잘 하지 못합니다.
I am a french amateur astronomer who lives in Seoul.

I started astronomy in high school with a Newton 115/900. Did some pictures of the Moon and eclipses with an old film camera.
Later, when I was student, I was a member of the "Societe Astronomique de Montpellier" with access to the Pises observatory (south of France).
Often on the move, I focused on small instruments and start planetary imaging with an ETX 90EC and modified webcams, with some success.

My philosophy is KISSC: keep it small, smart and cheap.
I missed the total solar eclipse in France in 1999 because of weather, but got my revenge 2 years later by watching the 2001 eclipse in Zambia.
Then I went to Korea, and because the weather is not very good in summer, and light pollution is really bad, I did not use my ETX very often.
I was still watching the eclipses, and saw the transit of Venus in 2012, but it was pretty much all, so I spent more time traveling.
Last year, because of COVID-19, I could not move so I bought a bigger MCT (127/1500, still fit in a carry-on luggage) with an ASI120MC-S and started again planetary imaging. I have pictures in several places (including a 20 years old website still online) that I need to tidy up, but if you are curious, I have a short video of Jupiter on Youtube, taken with the ETX90 and a Vesta Pro webcam in 2001:

Ganymed passing over Jupiter

By joining the club, I hope to meet other astronomers to share experience and maybe work on projects.
I expect some help finding dark skies or fighting light pollution, so I could try DSO imaging.
I can help beginners in general, and amateurs in some specific fields.

But first, I need to understand how the club is working and make some friends :-)

Best regards,

  • 김광욱 2021.06.28 14:22

    Welcome. Can you use mobile app 'BAND'? If you can, pls enter our mobile chatting BAND (I sent the band link to your email)

    By this BAND, we share a lot of chat and observing schedules, etc.

  • ngc891 2021.06.29 07:53
    Got it, thanks!


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